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a still between echoes - album credits

Special thanks to the following individuals who helped make this album a reality.

Luke Fox – Songs, Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Chris English – Producer, Recording Engineer, Vocals, Bass Guitar

Amanda Drish – Violin, Backup Vocals
Patresa Hartman - Backup Vocals
Courtney Krause – Backup Vocals
Darren Matthews – Electric Guitar
Gavin Moore – Drums, Percussion
Tony Petersen - Banjo
Josh & Josie Sinclair – Backup Vocals

luke fox live

The live arrangement of A Still Between Echoes is comprised of:

Luke Fox – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Patresa Hartman – Backup Vocals
Amanda Drish – Violin, Backup Vocals
Gavin Moore – Bass Guitar

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