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Luke Fox
a still between echoes
Luke Fox
a still between echoes

about luke fox

“You hear a voice as thick and smooth as whiskey and mellow guitar playing that you can only imagine is the byproduct of God’s hands literally caressing the strings to move. You imagine a symphony raucously swaying in musical unity behind a bear of a man strumming on the most melodious acoustic guitar you’ve ever heard. But it fades back to just one man and that’s all that is really there. In an instant you are taken with him across rivers and hills. With lyrical poetry that is both tasteful and strong, you are pulled into a warm and welcoming evening of lighthearted banter and tasteful folk music.”  –Andrew David Doogsma, Des Moines Music Coalition

Not one to be lost in the fold of other bearded troubadours and poets of his ilk, Luke Fox has blurred the lines of modern folk for quite some time as a solo performer.  Sharing with his listeners every footstep of the journey which has led him to this moment, his debut album, “A Still Between Echoes” provides an experience that he hopes is both cinematic and moving to his listeners.

Recorded in Des Moines, IA, the album showcases not only Fox’s songwriting but also called upon the talents of a number of local musicians to help see the songs to their full potential.  With the release of his first single, “It Ain’t Easy” Luke Fox was invited to participate in Little Big Fest, the premier festival for showcasing folk and jam artists hosted by the Des Moines Music Coalition.

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